I have to say that joining the phase one muscle building program was an awesome experience for me, I never lifted weights growing up, always felt awkward trying to lift weights on my own and just never built the strength that I always wanted. When I joined the program I could barely lift 135lbs and by the end of the program just 8 weeks later I was lifting partials of 260lbs! Andy and Brad were great to work with, and I really felt like I was just working out with a really dedicated group of friends who wanted to help me out. I also felt working out in a group with similar minded people really helped. I hate the gym, always avoided it , and even though I was the little guy and old man of the group with soft typing hands, I had a great time. It was a great motivator to see the rest of my group lifting the heavier weight for multiple reasons, from just learning new techniques and seeing them applied to other people, to just wanting to push myself to catch up and try to pass them. I totally recommend tackling this muscle build program if you want to build muscle fast, properly and with the tools you can keep for yourself for years to come. The first time I had a complement on what my arms looked and felt like was almost as satisfying as the numbers I can now press and the callouses on my hands. Thanks again guys, you really helped me learn to love the feel of a hard rewarding workout.