The next Ladies Photo Finish Transformation Program is going to be offered soon (starting May 23rd) at The Station, St. John’s Studio location and space is limited.

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What is the “Photo Finish” Program all about?

Get ready for an intense 6-week fitness-training program! You will get everything you need to transform and sculpt your body and achieve the fastest results possible! The Program is designed get you prepared for your professional Photo Shoot! The 6 weeks will wrap up with a studio mini-photo shoot that is included as part of this exciting “Photo Finish” Program!
Here is what you will get…

  • You will receive the specially designed “Photo Finish” Meal Plan. Nutrition is crucial but it doesn’t have to be bland and boring! We break the meal plans down into phases to eliminate the guess work for you. Tasty meals with Results!
  • You will train in a small group setting (6 people max) twice per week – thats 12 semi-private personal training sessions, which are included in the Program. Plus, you will get the “Photo Finish” Training program that maps out exactly what you should be doing every day of the week to get maximum results.
  • A professional studio mini-photo shoot with a top local photographer.


You see there are a lot of great training programs and different workouts that you could follow, and their are tons of different diets etc. that “can” work…but what really makes the difference in seeing amazing results?

In my 15+ years in the fitness industry (this is not about me, it’s about how I want to help you) having helped 100’s of bootcampers transform their bodies, and dozens of Males and Females compete on stage in Bodybuilding, Figure, and Bikini Model competitions I have learned what the important “extra factors” to results are…

This is what I have learned, what you need and what you will get with the “Photo Finish” Program that guarantees your results…

1. Clear Goal:
A clear goal is necessary. It’s proven that setting goals will help you achieve better results. If someone just says “I want to be in better shape” that isn’t enough. The more specific you can be with your goal, the better. That is why my competitors see such amazing results; their goal is to be the best possible shape on stage. With the “Photo Finish” Program the goal is crystal clear…To be in your best shape possible and photo shoot ready, so that we capture pictures that you can be proud of!

2. The Accountability:
Without accountability it is too easy to fall off track. When you start this Program…it’s on! There will be no more procrastinating. We will help you stay on track with weekly check-ins. Measurements, weigh-ins and 1/2 way point pictures will be taken. We do this because it works!

3. Motivation:
We want you to achieve the best possible results with this Program, it is important to us, so we will be there to encourage you and motivate you along the way. There are mini-challenges set up to keep you excited and seeing results!

4. Set date/deadline.
Maybe you have heard the quote…

“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Well this is also true for fitness and health as well. Work can be changed with any fitness goal and the same rule applies. Having a set date or deadline forces you to take action and achieve your goal! With the “Photo Finish” Program the date is set for exactly 6 weeks!

As you can see, all of these factors are connected. And that is why this works so effectively!

Not only are you going to enjoy having a new, fit, sexy body! You will also get to take part in a fun and exciting Photo Shoot!

Maybe you have seen a friend or someone you know on Instagram or Facebook who has had a physique or fitness photo shoot? Well if this is something you have considered but were not quite ready or sure, now is your chance, not only to get in the best shape of your life, but to wrap it all up with some amazing photos that you can be proud of too!

That is where your photographer comes in!

Included in the Photo Shoot you will receive:

  • One-on-One camera time with the photographer (approx 45 minutes of any type photos you want!) We can also help you with suggestions for the shoot to capture some amazing pics!
  • Hair and Makeup will be done by a professional right before your shoot!
  • A disc of 15 edited photos! Plus the option to have more or get some printed will also be available.

For an investment of $449+tax you will receive everything: the Meal Plan, the Workouts, the Training Program, the Motivation and the Photo Shoot!

We will only be taking small groups of 6 ladies and the program is limited to just a few groups only.

Q: Do I need to wear a bikini in the photo shoot?

A: No, not at all, you are certainly welcome to get some great “after” pictures in swimwear; however, this Program is designed to help everyone achieve their own best body and we will work with you and make suggestions for fitness or casual attire to capture some photos!