Growing up I never considered myself heavy or skinny. I was active and played sports but I was also just as eager to relax and watch television. I remember hearing about the “Freshman 15” when I started university and worked hard to avoid it; however, when I left home to attend law school all of that went out the window. I was away from home, in a new province, without the support of family and friends and, of course, participating in all the activities (i.e. drinking and eating) that went along with university life. When I returned home I realized I had put on some weight, but it wasn’t until after a vacation down south and a conversation with my doctor that I realized I had to take action or else I was going to end up in a very bad place. By that point I was just over 180lbs. I started on my own and did a pretty good job dropping some weight, but nothing was toning up or looking how I wanted it to look.

When I met Andy and we attended the 2010 NLABBA competition I set my sights on doing the 2011 NLABBA competition and everything changed. With Andy’s guidance I watched my physique change on a consistent basis, I was amazed!! The day I stepped on stage I felt like a million dollars. I was on top of the world and couldn’t have been more confident or proud. I placed 2nd in my division and it was my first show!!! I have fallen in love with training, my new lifestyle and my body and there is nothing stopping anyone from achieving this feeling. Give Andy and The StationĀ a call, you won’t regret it!