My physical as well as mental health was at an all time low when I contacted Sonya. An ex-military 25 year veteran, I had become sidelined from many day to day social activities as well as the numerous sporting activities I once played. A major back injury from jumping out of a helicopter during a Search and Rescue Training exercise and subsequent surgery resulted in a medical release from the Canadian Forces. I quickly gained 60 pounds, was diagnosed with depression and placed on an opioid pain patch along with other medications.

I tried everything from a Pain Management Course at the Miller Center to Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Massage and even Hypnosis. They all had limited success in alleviating my pain and making me somewhat mobile. I felt useless, had no self esteem and was a shadow of my former competitive and active self. Out of desperation I thought I would try a Personal Trainer and thus started my ongoing journey.

I must admit that I had little confidence in trying this avenue as I was never a “gym” person but usually achieved my exercise through competitive sports and in my day to day military activities. I had resolved that if this trainer proved uneducated in various back injuries etc I would terminate her services. I had also resolved that if she showed little interest in my individual needs I would terminate the sessions.

Well, it has been roughly six months and I still see Sonya three times per week. I no longer wear the pain patch and was able to go through the major withdrawals with her help. Her outstanding expertise and dedication has resulted in a huge improvement in both my physical and mental well being. Sonya seems to know my limitations as well as my potential better than me. She is always fully engaged in our sessions and actually monitors not only every set of an individual exercise but also each and every individual rep. She can rapidly adapt and modify a session to suit my physical aptitude during the session, whether I am having a bad and painful back day or the opposite and feeling pain free. Her detailed knowledge of the human anatomy is slowly being passed to me, although at times I am a reluctant student. Never one to give up, she consistently drills me and reminds me of the various muscle groups and related structures to instill knowledge in the hope that I can be more in tune with my own body.

She is also well versed on the dietary aspect and continues to coach me in this discipline. A recent vacation to Costa Rica revealed how much I had improved under Sonya’s guidance. Normally the flight alone would result in constant pain and the subsequent vacation would not be very enjoyable. My Costa Rica flight was pain free, my numerous physical activities that would normally sideline me for days were completed with little to zero agitation and I was able to have a more active and complete vacation.
In summary, Sonya Leclerc has changed my life, at least in the short term. It will be up to me to utilize the tools and discipline she has instilled in order to realize long term change. I would not hesitate to recommend Sonya as a trainer, whether it is for a gym novice like me or a seasoned athlete looking to compete. She is the complete package.