Steve Shearer

Trainer | Rising Tide Strength and Rehabilitation

Qualifications and Highlights:

  • Certified Kinesiologist- NL Kinesiology Association/Canadian Kinesiology Alliance
  • Certified Orthotist- Orthotics Prosthetics Canada
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • First became a Personal Trainer during University in 2010
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt
  • NL’s Strongest Man- 4th place 2022

Working in NL public healthcare as an Orthotist since 2013, Steve has first hand experience helping individuals and families dealing with chronic illness, disability, and dysfunction. As a longtime athlete and strength enthusiast, Steve knows the huge role that physical activity and health play in a person’s quality of life.

As a Kinesiologist, Steve is qualified to assess physical function and movement, develop and prescribe exercise plans, conduct physical rehabilitation, and perform ergonomic assessments. Kinesiologists are trained and qualified to work with members of many different groups including; pregnant individuals, post-stroke patients, cardiac rehab patients, post-surgical patients, diabetics, individuals with cerebral palsy/spina bifida/multiple sclerosis/arthritis, and others. In addition, Steve is also very experienced in the use of exercise with adaptive athletes and believes that a major key to success in any athletic field is a solid base of strength and conditioning.