Matthew Locke

Personal Trainer

Matthew Locke is a Kinesiologist from St. John’s Newfoundland who graduated with a bachelor of science in kinesiology in 2009. Matt is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP) with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP) and has a certification in Soft Tissue Release (STR) which is a form of myofascial release.

Matt has 8 years experience helping people reach their training goals with people of all ages, from teenagers as young as 13 years old to seniors at 72 years of age. He has worked with different athletes as high as the national level, with various rehabilitation patients, and the general population for strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and weight loss goals (the biggest weight loss being over 80 pounds).

Matt runs a wellness program at the Worship Centre Church in St. John’s to help raise awareness of health and wellness in the community. He has also been active in various public speaking engagements since 2012.

He loves teaching people and looks forward to helping any individual achieve their goals.