Jon Chafe


Jon is a movement coach who specializes in training smarter and working with the “right type” of functional movements to not only strengthen your body but also optimize your mobility. Jon has over 20 years of experience as an athlete and more than 10 years as a strength and conditioning coach. Working with his clients to correct improper movement patterns helps them to reduce and eliminate pain and avoid future injury. This allows them to focus on building more muscle and strength and take their results to a whole new level. With Jon’s knowledge of body mechanics and movement coaching, his approach looks at the demands of your work, physical activity and lifestyle to help you bridge the gap between building strength and moving better in and out of the gym.

Traditionally gym programs put you through the same one-dimensional movements with the focus on solely trying to burn calories or build muscle. This often leads to repeat injuries, lack of results, and workout boredom. Jon believes that through movement coaching you can train to be fit and strong and learn to find more enjoyment in your workouts, while staying pain free and unlocking your full movement potential. Training doesn’t always have to be intense or draining to be effective. Working with Jon, you will learn that workouts can be fun and functional at the same time.

Jon has been certified through ISSA as a CFT(Certified fitness trainer), He has also completed his athletic training and certification course through the CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) level 1, and through the National council of certified personal trainers as a CPT (Certified personal trainer). Jon is also a Certified snowboard instructor through CASI (Certified association of snowboard instructors). On a personal level, Jon enjoys challenging himself through many different sports that have helped him to develop a strong working knowledge of the body including skateboarding, snowboarding, acrobatics, hand balancing/calisthenics, yoga, strongman, and more.