Joel Prior


Meet Joel, a remarkable fitness expert with an incredible background that sets him apart in the industry. With over 13 years of experience as a dedicated paramedic, Joel’s journey into the world of fitness began as he found himself drawn to empowering others through health and

Over a decade ago, Joel embarked on his own fitness path, investing time and dedication to acquire certifications in personal training and nutrition coaching as well as several other certifications. His passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals has been a driving force in his life, fuelling his commitment to the craft.

Joel’s extensive expertise allows him to offer a range of personalized services, catering to diverse needs:

One-on-One Personal Training: Joel provides individualized attention and tailored workouts, ensuring clients receive the utmost care and support on their fitness journey.

Semi-Private Personal Training: Through small group sessions, clients benefit from Joel’s camaraderie and encouragement, fostering a supportive environment for mutual growth.

Online Personal Training: Joel’s reach extends beyond geographical boundaries, as he guides and inspires individuals from various corners of the globe through virtual coaching.

Nutrition Coaching: With a keen understanding of the vital role nutrition plays in achieving fitness goals, Joel empowers his clients with personalized dietary plans for optimal results.

Joel’s approach to training revolves around the importance of building strong foundations and mastering proper movement mechanics. By prioritizing longevity, he ensures his clients experience not just short-term successes but lasting transformations.

Embodying a client-centered philosophy, Joel tailors his coaching style to suit individual needs and aspirations. He values the uniqueness of each person and strives to cultivate accountability, dedication, and transformation within them.

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Joel is committed to guiding you towards your fullest potential. With him as your ally, you can be confident that you’ll achieve your fitness dreams, embracing a healthier, happier, and more vibrant version of yourself.

Step into the transformative world of fitness with Joel by your side. Let his expertise lead the way as you forge a path of strength, resilience, and vitality – one step at a time.