Corey Drake


Corey graduated in 2014 with a Masters of Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University and brings with him a wealth of clinical experience. Prior to leaving the province to pursue his masters, Corey attended Memorial University of Newfoundland where he completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology.  

When Corey isn’t at our facility teaching his clients the importance of body mechanics on strength gains and performance, you can find him playing hockey or softball, as he is a multi-sport enthusiast. Corey is an avid athlete who has a strong passion for working with the public to help them achieve their fitness related goals and improve their overall quality of life. He considers himself a devoted trainer as he is constantly researching new and effective ways to improve himself and his clients.  

Coupled with his depth of knowledge in biomechanics and musculoskeletal functions, he also brings a unique rehab background to the personal training world. Linking rehab concepts, with strength and mobility, he will give you the foundation you need, to build a happier, stronger, and more stable you!