Chris Murphy – CPT, PN1, ME-NC3, MRT-R

Trainer and Owner of Metabolic Design
Years’ Experience: 10
Specialties: Fat Loss, Strength, Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition Counselling
 What motivates me every morning is the desire to have an impact on the lives of the clients I serve. With over a decade of experience working on the frontline of health care in Diagnostic Imaging, I have literally seen the aches and pains inside a person’s body and have cultivated a deep understanding of how a person gets there. With my passion for health and fitness, I realized I could do more and that I should do more. I became a certified Personal Trainer. I think differently and as a result I challenge the status quo. Instead of giving people excellent care in the hospital post injury, I now work on keeping people healthy and out of the hospital. I can advance a person’s quality of life by improving their posture, mobility and pride. That’s how Metabolic Design was born.

I am a Health & Fitness Coach specializing in lifestyle coaching, nutrition counselling and fitness training. Over the last decade, I’ve helped hundreds of people reach their goals in health and fitness – for some that means significant weight loss, for some that means improving their deadlift 1 rep max, and for others it means simply being able to walk around the park with their significant other.

To ensure success, coaching has to be a personalized and integrative process. The elements of Metabolic Design Personal Training extend beyond the realm of standard fitness training, adopting a holistic approach, head to toe.

I will teach you to create and sustain a positive relationship with health and fitness – and not obsess over a number on a scale. I will work with you to develop lifestyle improvement strategies that will last a lifetime. Metabolic Design’s approach tailors your specific health and fitness goals to your lifestyle and your budget. Are you ready to change your life?