Brandon Whalen


“As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Brandon has received certification from the International Sport Science Association. 

Since Brandon was 15 he has had a tremendous passion for fitness and a desire to share his passion with others. He realized that his goal in life was to impart his knowledge and use physical fitness to improve the lives of others. Just a kid who wanted to make a difference in himself and change the lives of others in the process. Brandon started his fitness journey playing hockey in his early years which later spouted to Boxing and Jujitsu

In order to bring about change and promote expansion in the fitness industry, Brandon established and is now the proud owner of Obsession Fitness and Nutrition.

By mixing fitness with the other simple pleasures you enjoy, Brandon really feels you can significantly enhance and truly change your life! Brandon intends to inspire others to develop an obsession within themselves and spread that Obsession across the community.

For Brandon, changing someone’s life means everything. He feels tremendously fulfilled when he sees clients’ bodies and mindset change. When they gain self-assurance and discipline. Simply seeing others smile and experience joy in who they are and who they are becoming makes every day worthwhile. “