Fit and Fabulous is a semi-private, ladies only body-sculpting workout program designed to shrink your tummy, tone your arms, and give you a tight, firm body!

If you are interested in having friends tell you that you look amazing and would like to get a lean, sexy body, then we want to help! The “Fit and Fabulous” Program is designed to deliver proven results so that you glide right back into your skinny jeans in record time!

  • You don’t have to spend long hours in the gym.
  • Just three times per week…45 minute workouts!
  • You don’t have to starve your self with boring food!
  • We will give you lots of tasty and easy recipes!

The Fit and Fabulous Program is part of my Maximum Results Express Workouts.

These workouts are based on a similar program we have used with some of my bootcamp clients that has helped them lose 25, 29, and one person even lost an amazing 35lbs in just 6 weeks!

In these semi-private personal training groups, the attendance is capped at 10 people. This way you get lots of individual attention to ensure maximum results!

Full 100% Guarantee!

As with all of our Training Programs, our semi-private Personal Training is fully 100% money-back guaranteed! It is our mission to deliver results, and we will hold you accountable to your goal!


When a prospective student comes to see us, it tells us that they took that step because they want results, bottom line! We know that besides the right Program and Meal Plan (that’s a given!) it is the accountability that delivers results. We know that is what you want!

Make the commitment now! You deserve the best results. In three months the new you will thank you for it.

Your investment with the Semi-Private Fit & Fabulous Program is only $128 per month! This is a Specialized Program for a fraction of the cost of regular personal training.

Start today and find out how you can become our next client success story!